What to do first with a dedicated IP

Where do you start when using a dedicated IP? 

Deciding to use a dedicated IP can be a big decision in your email and marketing automation road. With a dedicated IP address you have complete responsibility to keep up with that IP address. Using a dedicated IP means you cannot depend on other businesses within that marketing automation world to boost your IP address so you need to make sure to start strong. I won’t do a pros and cons here on a dedicated IP because that is a new blog post entirely.

When using a dedicated IP you want to get your emails out successfully with as few of bounces as possible so you are not immediately categorized as spam. Typically a shared IP for email will work just fine but in these cases let’s consider how to start this dedicated IP relationship out right. 

If you are on the fence and see your delivery rates consistently below 98% having a dedicated IP will help you get to the root of the delivery problem. 

Here’s a couple tips to get started with your dedicated IP address: 

Don’t buy a list for this first send. Send to reputable email lists. I have seen some bought lists with a bounce rate of 35%. YIKES. I would advise to never buy lists but for sure don’t buy lists for this first send. 

When starting with a dedicated IP don’t plan on your first emails to be large batch emails.  Send those emails in batches. Don’t send a first email to 35,000. Break that up in 3-4 different email sends. You want your IP to see you sending emails responsibly. 

Watch your bounce rate for every email send in those first few weeks. Once every email goes out keep an eye on those delivery rates and when they start dipping below that 98% start digging into what you are sending and whom you are sending to so you can get to the root of the problem.

The purpose of this careful sending is to make sure your dedicated IP address delivers to all your email prospects. When you see high bounce rates and low delivery rates inboxes will consider you SPAM. 

I think with careful sending of your first few campaigns you will be able to set up your email sending for success…isn’t that what all want for all our email sendings?

Happy delivering! Reach out with any questions! 

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