What does launch mean to you?

When are you ready to launch your new marketing automation software?

Congratulations! You have purchased a new marketing automation software! Whew! What a process?! Now you need to bring over your old information into this new system. Where to even start? Let me help!  

  • First set goals and a timeline. You have your launch date for your new system – work back from there. When will your contract be up with your old system AND when does that system turn off? How long do you have before you need to have everything live? Create a spreadsheet or a way to list your goals of what needs to be moved when.

    A few things to consider that might need to be moved to your new system: 

    • Data, fields and tags
    • Templates
    • Specific emails
    • Lists
    • Campaigns
    • Landing Pages
    • Forms
    • Automated Campaigns
    • Links and documents
    • Reporting

  • Involve key stakeholders. Involve the CMO, marketing directors and sales teams. Many emails are sent out for the sales teams. What do they hope to see transitioned? What type of reporting is the C-Level team going to want to see? Many times the marketing teams runs this ship but many other teams need to be involved.

    Make sure to involved the following teams: 

    • CMO and C-Level Teams – many reports are created for this team. Ensure you can bring over any reports they are seeing now and explain how they may look different
    • All marketing teams – even the event teams will be utilizing the advantages of a new marketing automation system
    • IT – IT often gets overlooked but often IT knows the companies limitations and may be running software that is key to this integration
    • Sales team – marketing and sales alignment is key in this very moment. 
    • Your product teams – what reports are they seeing and what are they communicating. Do they have any stake in your current marketing automation automation system

  • Know where to put all your data. Do you have a drive to store information at your company? Many times you are switching marketing automation software to get a fresh start. Don’t start junking up this system with the same ol’ data. Where will you put all your data. Go back to your spreadsheet with your goals. Keep everything together. Similar to de-cluttering a room, know what to put back up, store and get rid of. that email from 2 years ago…what do you want to do with that? Is it a tradeshow that is referred to year after year? Download and put onto a drive. Or maybe no one has asked about that holiday email from 2 years ago that can disappear into the abyss of the old marketing automation system. Know that you can download all your emails if you need them.

  • Know when to ask for help! Switching marketing automation systems is a big overhaul and having an expert and someone who has walked this road already can help change the entire launch process. 

Track your success and goals as you get ready to launch.  Overlapping systems is always helpful but that comes with a cost. Study your links your reports and your fields. Document them, store them or put them in the new system. Once your marketing automation system launches and the old system turns off when that sales VP comes to you asking where the email from 2021 is you can go back into your storage and be a success for all! Reach out if you need any support! Working with marketing automation systems is our jam so we have more information for you! Download our white paper of Tips of Switching Marketing Automation Systems here! Reach out today! 

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