Quick tips for writing Social Media Posts

This post was taken directly from a Slack message from someone who asked for some guidance on writing social media posts. I figured if they had this question this must be asked by many people. Here are a few quick tips for writing social media posts. Check out our blog for more helpful articles!

As a point of reference:

  • LinkedIn allows up the 3,000 characters
  • Facebook and Instagram allow up to 2,000
  • Twitter allows up to 280.

  • Try to write a single paragraph, no more than 4 sentences or so, to rope people in. I will use that paragraph for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. No one on Facebook and Instagram are reading 2,000 characters on these platforms. Keep it simple. You can always add hashtags.

    I use that paragraph to create a sentence for Twitter since it doesn’t allow very many characters. It also means we have to be much more selective with our hashtags for Twitter.

    Also, for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, there needs to be a link and that will typically eat up around 24 characters… give or take. Instagram will have a “link in bio” link. If you don’t have something like Link Tree this is a great way to put more links in your posts.  Make sure that page get’s updated first.

    The image will have the blog title in it so no need to duplicate it.

    Good luck! Reach out if you need any help! 

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