Just a few email best practices

Email best practices for great results to convert leads into sales

  1. Don’t buy lists! Our team has worked with bought lists and some times they will get delivery rates at 35%! That is a poor poor lists and will ruin your sending reputation. You want to see your delivery rate in the high 90%. If you getting below that you should be investigating why. 
  2. Get personal! Use as much information as you have. Do you have a first name? Use it. What about their company name? Use that one. Do you know what content they are interested in. Make sure they are receiving content relevant to that. 
  3. Take time to build your lists. I know this takes time. Some times it is easier to just buy lists. As I said earlier – don’t do that. Add forms to your website and gather leads that way. 
  4. Segment your lists! Make sure your list is interested in what you have to say! Build lists based on your website activity and you will send very targeted emails. 
  5. Avoid explanation points – especially in the subject line – this will trigger CAN-SPAM. 
  6. Include only one call-to-action in your email. Make it short and sweet. Include a button with your call to action. 
  7. Have a call to action above the fold. This will allow your reader to see their call to action as soon as they open your email. 
  8. Your call to action should be clear and specific. Do you want them to download a pdf? Say that. Do you want them to attend a webinar? Say that. Avoid “Click Here.” 
  9. Check all your links! Measure twice. Cut once. A client told me that multiple times and I think that every time I work on an email. 
  10. Avoid thee from address info@ email – use a person’s name. 
  11. Keep emails short and sweet. Add bullet points to make your email easier to read.

These are just a few we keep in our back pockets. Do you need help with emails? Reach out today! 

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