Getting Lost in the Search

Searches, Google Ads, SEO…how are they all different? You have a great website but the search is so far down. We can get you so you show up quickly and your website loads quickly. Want to be the SEO hero? Bring in an agency and continue to create content. Read it again…continue to create more […]

DATA! Scrub it real good!

A few weeks ago I got an email from one of my favorite meal delivery companies. I have received emails from them in the past and even ordered from them but they messed up their data when the email went out.  It looked something like this in my inbox:  Aw man! It’s like that field […]

Our Best SEO tip!

Okay, this one is a no-brainer but it seems to keep coming up. While there are a TON of things that we do every day to make your site more attractive to search engines, constantly and consistently creating high quality, unique content matters the most.  That being said, you can have all of the best […]

What to do first with a dedicated IP

Where do you start when using a dedicated IP?  Deciding to use a dedicated IP can be a big decision in your email and marketing automation road. With a dedicated IP address you have complete responsibility to keep up with that IP address. Using a dedicated IP means you cannot depend on other businesses within […]

Direct Traffic: What it isn’t and how to fix it.

Direct Traffic can be misleading data point and it can cause big marketing mistakes. It’s important to fully understand this traffic channel and what can be done about it. Here, we discuss what it is and what to do about it so that we’re making the best marketing decisions possible.

UTM… codes? parameters? suffixes?

Are you trying to find a better way to track links and analytics through all the different ways you are sharing? Are you having a difficult time giving everything a source? UTMs might just be the ticket.  UTMs allow us to take one extra step in tracking web traffic. UTMs will let you know exactly […]

Analytics and Traffic Sources

Most of these posts that I write are directly inspired by questions and confusions that come up in client interactions. And for good reason, digital marketing is not only confusing, but it’s ever-evolving, which makes it even more… well… confusing. Organic search, direct traffic and referral traffic are traffic channels you see inside your website […]

What does launch mean to you?

When are you ready to launch your new marketing automation software? Congratulations! You have purchased a new marketing automation software! Whew! What a process?! Now you need to bring over your old information into this new system. Where to even start? Let me help!   First set goals and a timeline. You have your launch date […]

Go Big on Reporting

How do you check off all your reporting needs? We’re pretty big on reporting over here. Not that we spend big on it, but we do put a lot of emphasis on the importance of reporting. So much so that we rely on our own, custom-built reports rather than anything we’ve been able to find […]