Getting Lost in the Search

Searches, Google Ads, SEO…how are they all different? You have a great website but the search is so far down. We can get you so you show up quickly and your website loads quickly. Want to be the SEO hero? Bring in an agency and continue to create content. Read it again…continue to create more […]

DATA! Scrub it real good!

A few weeks ago I got an email from one of my favorite meal delivery companies. I have received emails from them in the past and even ordered from them but they messed up their data when the email went out.  It looked something like this in my inbox:  Aw man! It’s like that field […]

What to do first with a dedicated IP

Where do you start when using a dedicated IP?  Deciding to use a dedicated IP can be a big decision in your email and marketing automation road. With a dedicated IP address you have complete responsibility to keep up with that IP address. Using a dedicated IP means you cannot depend on other businesses within […]

What does launch mean to you?

When are you ready to launch your new marketing automation software? Congratulations! You have purchased a new marketing automation software! Whew! What a process?! Now you need to bring over your old information into this new system. Where to even start? Let me help!   First set goals and a timeline. You have your launch date […]

Where’s your call to action?

Don’t make people scroll to get to your call to action. Where is your call to action? Do you have to scroll to get to your call to action? If it isn’t at the top of the page – stop right now reader and get a button there so people don’t have to scroll.  The […]

Do people know what you want? What you really really want?

Make sure your call to action is clear and tells people exactly what you want them to do.  Wherever you have a button in your email or on your website –  make sure it is very clear! Let your reader know what they are about to click on. I’ve even included 10 great examples you […]

Just a few email best practices

Email best practices for great results to convert leads into sales Don’t buy lists! Our team has worked with bought lists and some times they will get delivery rates at 35%! That is a poor poor lists and will ruin your sending reputation. You want to see your delivery rate in the high 90%. If […]

Are you nurturing leads through emails?

Move leads from stagnate to sales – A few nurture campaign ideas Do you have leads that aren’t quite ready to send to sales but also should not sit stagnate? You know they have shown interest in your brand and products but just aren’t quite ready to send to a sales person? That is where […]

Email Newsletter Tips

Are you wanting to create a newsletter and not sure how to get the best results. We are here to help! We are used to newsletters and trying to get the most out of all that content. Here are some quick tips. My first question to you is – do you really need a newsletter? […]