Are you nurturing leads through emails?

Move leads from stagnate to sales – A few nurture campaign ideas

Do you have leads that aren’t quite ready to send to sales but also should not sit stagnate? You know they have shown interest in your brand and products but just aren’t quite ready to send to a sales person? That is where email nurturing could be helpful to move these leads along. 

If you are taking leads on your website from a form (if you don’t have forms on your website you absolutely should) these are a great group to send a nurture campaigns to. A couple different nurture campaign ideas for leads. 

  1. Abandoned Shopping Cart Campaign: Do you have leads that have abandoned products in a shopping cart. This is a great place to remind your customers that their product is still in their cart. This is a great campaign to say don’t forget about us! Schedule it a couple hours after the abandoned cart or a day. A couple reminders would be so great to get customers back to your cart. Make sure to customize as much as possible – use that personalization! Automate this and it will be a great way for your campaigns to be running and get your leads to purchase. 
  2. Webinar Registrations: These people have said they are interested in a webinar you put together but they didn’t attend. This person certainly isn’t ready for a sales person to reach out to them but a nurture email might be the sweet spot. Schedule 3-4 emails to them with the last one coming from a sales person. You already know what they are interested in because they registered for that webinar. Gear your content towards that webinar and you should have some great information for them. Again, use personalization when reaching out – it will go a long way. 
  3.  Form fill outs that haven’t converted: Do you have leads that have requested information or filled out a form but haven’t responded to a sales person? With marketing automation you can tag these folks and put them into a campaign.  With each form create an email nurture campaign geared towards their interest. They filled out a form on your website – you know what they want to hear about. Schedule those emails – make them personal with a first name and you will see some of those leads turned into customers. 

Do you need any help with nurture campaigns? We have experience with setting up nurture campaigns and can help you roll out a campaign to move leads to customers. 

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