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Are you wanting to create a newsletter and not sure how to get the best results. We are here to help! We are used to newsletters and trying to get the most out of all that content. Here are some quick tips.

My first question to you is – do you really need a newsletter?

When someone opens an email they want to scroll and get what they need quickly – newsletters offer so much content it is hard to get someone to understand what you need quickly. Newsletters aren’t easy to read because so much is being communicated.

Would an automated email be better fit? Define all the content and if you could do 1 email a day about each topic…that may have better readability and clickability. A nurture email is a great way to get content to people and ensure they are clicking and even digesting those emails in smaller bits.

But you are here – so a newsletter is what you need! Let’s keep going to get that content as readable as possible.

Tip #1 – Identify your content!

Define your content. How many topics do you need to cover in this email and who needs to contribute to this content? Get a quick list together and get that content. I know often newsletters have many people that contribute and that can be tricky for deadlines. A quick list will allow you to check off what content you need and what you are waiting for.

Tip #3Prioritize your content!

What is the most important topic to cover in your newsletter? That needs to be at the very top. Once you send your email the clicks get less as you scroll down the page.

Tip #4 – Show your content in the banner!

Incorporate newsletter content into the banner. Your banner will get the best click rate – use that to highlight something on the agenda. Is there a webinar coming up – add it into the design or add a piece of information WITH A BUTTON into the header.

Tip #5 – Define your content space

Give each piece of content their own space. Think about how your eye bounces around the screen. Give it clean ordered space that is really easy to read.

Tip #6 – Write your content SHORT!

Only include 2-3 sentences about each topic. Look at your list and give only 2-3 sentences to each topic. No more than 3 sentences.

Tip #6 – Make your content clickable!

For each piece of content you are including in your newsletter have ONE call to action. If you can include a button – even better!

The point of all these tips is make your content EASY to read and EASY to get to where you want them to go. We understand newsletters. Reach out if you need help!

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